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The aging process is a natural and inevitable process which starts after the age of 25, considered to be our maturity. This process is manifested by a progressive, irreversible and more or less rapid degradation of our various body tissues and organs.

Why the body ages?

Aging results from the damage of the body’s cells which is being triggered by oxidation, inflammation and DNA damage. These conditions are mainly caused by the harmful free radicals which can lead to organ failure and thus to a complete body failure.

Although the aging starts when we reach the maturity, some cell damage can start even at an early age.

However, there is a great breakthrough that can slow down the aging process, boost the health and prolong the lifespan.

According to a conducted study by the University of Minnesota in the United States, there is a substance which can provide all that, and the results of the study were released in the online medical journal EBioMedicine. This substance is named as fistéine, which can fight off the aging factors of cells. This substance will enhance their function and lower the number of damaged cells in the body.

This research was conducted on older mice which received this substance, and the results were amazing, their lifespan was increased and their overall health and well-being boosted.

Here is the statement of Dr. Robbins, a team member of this research: “We have seen greater activity, better endurance, and greater strength after the use of senolytic substances.”

This amazing substance is a molecule belonging to flavonoid polyphenols known for their powerful antioxidant properties. The antioxidants are potent enough to fight off the harmful free radicals, and as a result of that they are powerful senolytic agents which can repair the aging cells and the damaged ones so-called senescent.

The researchers of this study tested ten flavonoids, and fistein was the one with the most powerful senolytic effect which improved the health of the mice.

This substance is incredible in dealing with other issues as well as it offers many health benefits like the following ones.

  • Boosts blood flow and blood pressure
  • Potent anti-inflammatory agent
  • Regulates the blood sugar level
  • Betters memory and brain function
  • Fights infections
  • Protects the bones, skin and cells from the damaging effects of the toxic substances
  • Prevents and fights depression
  • Protects from cancer

Foods rich in this magical substance “fistein”

Antioxidants like fistein can prevent the aging of the body’s cells, improve the health and offer us a longer lifespan; therefore we should consume foods that are packed with these substances.

These foods are various fruits, vegetables and dried fruits like dates, figs, cherries, artichokes, broccoli, eggplant or shallots. Fistein is present in high amounts in apples and strawberries.

Follow a healthy lifestyle

The process of aging can be slowed down if you follow a lifestyle which will protect you from the damage caused by the free radicals. Hence, make sure to follow these tips:

Limit the consumption of alcohol
Avoid the use of drugs
Quit smoking
Try not to consume processed and junk foods
Stay outside on a fresh and clean air
Consume a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables. Try to consume them raw as the overcooking takes away much of their nutrients, such as the flavonoids.
Manage your stress and for that purpose try to relax like having a walk in the nature, practice yoga or mediation, etc.

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