Sunday, June 16, 2019

What Your Feet Tell You About the Health of Your Arteries

Did you know that the human feet are actually tightly connected to the entire cardiovascular health? Yes, you heard it right?

Actually, they play a major role in this department, all beginning with Atherosclerosis.

This disease occurs when the arteries harden due to plaque and waste build-up and can manifest itself across the entire organism, not just the heart.

However, if you’re experiencing problems in the arteries that connect your feet to your heart, this could be a clear indicator of heart problems.

The reason arteries get ‘clogged’ is due to a condition, known as peripheral artery disease (PAD).

As per the Cleveland Clinic, this condition is often followed by various symptoms, such as leg pain, tiredness after working out, inability to walk for a longer periods of time, and others.

Although PAD is not often an ‘outspoken’ disease, many people are known to have suffered muscle pain and legs cramps, all located centrally in the calves.

There are additional symptoms that could appear as a result, including leg numbness or tingling, losing temperature in one leg, losing color in one leg, and different hair growth in the legs, growth on the legs or feet, shiny skin across the legs, leg or foot soreness even in cases of immobility as well as poor pulse in the feet.

The Cleveland Clinic advises that your general doctor needs to do a check-up your feet, just to make sure that no PAD symptoms exist. Also, you have to check your family PAD history, as well as your smoking history.

Another thing that could determine the disease is testing by ankle brachial index. This entails blood pressure cuffs as well as an in order to determine whether there is a pulse in the area.

Still, the Cleveland Clinic noted that people who are not smokers have lesser chances of experiencing this dreadful disease. The same is true if the disease doesn’t run in the family.

At times these individuals don’t even need the testing, since it can show a false positive. Still, you can check in with your doctor to make sure the feet pulse is just fine.

The PAD disease can often result in severe health consequences, such as leg or foot amputation, or else.

Nothing matters more than your health, so hop to it.

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