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A toothache can be really disturbing and very painful issue. However, you can alleviate the pain before you visit the dentist by using some of the natural remedies.

There are also very quick and effective ways how to treat the common ailments of teeth. These remedies have been used by our ancestors and have been proven to be very effective.

Before treating a toothache the real cause should be determined for its occurrence. For a long period of time, it was believed that caries as the key cause of toothache, however it was revealed that there are also other factors that can cause a toothache. Those factors can be gum disease, abnormal bite, a dental rash, broken teeth, an abscess, bruxism (grinding of teeth), damaged fillings, and tooth decay.

When experiencing a toothache you may as well as have the following symptoms: fever, headache, sharp, throbbing pain, and abnormal swelling around the painful tooth.

Here are some of the natural alternatives that you can lower the intensity of your pain.


This plant is well recognized for its powerful antibacterial, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory features which are very beneficial in the case of a toothache. Therefore, crush a clove of garlic in order to create a paste and use it on the affected area. You can as well as add a little salt into this natural paste. If you have no timer to prepare this paste, just slowly chew a clove of fresh garlic.

Ginger Cayenne pepper Paste
This is another natural paste that can help you to effectively alleviate the pain and remove any bacteria that could have caused toothache. It is based on ginger and cayenne peeper which are powerful ingredients. Ginger can act as an aspirin due to its analgesic properties. On the other hand, the cayenne pepper also acts as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory due to the content of capsaicin, an active ingredient which is effective against dental pain.

Therefore, prepare the following paste based on these two ingredients: mix a little cayenne pepper powder with a little ginger and water. Use the resulting paste on the painful tooth and leave it to act till the area becomes numb.

Clove oil
This oil is believed to be one of the best natural remedies for toothache. It has in it content a compound with analgesic properties known as eugenol which can lower and remove pain. As per conducted studies, this oil can be as effective as benzocaine in the treatment of a toothache.

You can mix a few drops of clove oil with coconut oil and then soak in it a cotton ball. Use this ball on the afflicted area, and once the pain becomes numb, rinse the area nicely with water. You can also chew a clove on the painful area.

Salted water
Salt water has disinfecting properties and because of that it is used as a gargle on the place of the extracted tooth. It can also lower the swelling and as well as lower the pain in the painful area. For that purpose, gargle little water and a pinch of salt for around half a minute.

This is an anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent that can destroy bacteria as a result of its confirmed anti-inflammatory abilities. You should add 1 teaspoon of myrrh in 2 cups of water, and then then use the mixture to rinse your mouth in the case of a toothache.

Peppermint tea
The leaves of peppermint have in their content essential oils that can alleviate pain and lower the inflammation. You should dip a cotton ball in peppermint extract prior use on sore gums or simply rub the oil straight onto your teeth. You can as well as use cooled peppermint tea as a mouthwash.

Vanilla extract
It has in its content alcohol, which can decrease the ongoing pain. It is an effective remedy due to its confirmed antioxidant properties and for that purpose dab a small amount of vanilla extract on the painful tooth in order to alleviate the pain and treat the other symptoms of a toothache.

However, if the pain continues for a day or two, you should consult a dentist. These natural remedies are very effective, but in the case of pregnancy or breastfeeding, or experiencing some health issues which the use of herbal ingredients may deteriorate your condition you should first consult your doctor, and then use some of the above listed remedies.

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