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Losing weight is a real hardship and anyone who is in the process of it knows how hard it can be. The weight issue has become a very common problem for many people in this modern way of living and the main reason for that is not having enough time to introduce a proper physical activity during the day.

Many of you must have tried various diets that in the beginning may have showed results. However the bigger issue is afterwards to keep the weight and that is a hard process which makes you to go in that vicious circle of gaining, losing, gaining weight and so on.

The scary part about this rapid weight gain is that the children are becoming affect it by it. Therefore, we need to find a way how to lose the weight in the most natural way and to keep it for good.

There are many diets on the net promising quick results in one or two weeks which in most cases is impossible. In this article we shall present you a simple solution based on a common herb that we all have it in our homes that can be as well as easily grown. We are talking about the green herb known as parsley.


This simple herb can be very helpful for the general health and overall well-being. This plant has the ability to clean the kidneys and treat urinary tract infections. This herb is widely used for various culinary purposes everywhere in the world. It can be eaten as a side dish but in order to obtain all its benefits you need to prepare the recipe that we are about to present. Its use will help you to initiate the cleansing process and at the same time start the removal of all build-up fluids in the human body. You should use the whole plant, includingleaves and root.

Recipe of Parsley Tea

Needed Ingredients:

  • 5 tablespoons of chopped parsley
  • 4 cups of water


Start with boiling 4 cups of water, and after that add 5 tablespoons of the chopped parsley. Leave it to stand for 10 minutes. After that strain the tea or you can leave the parsley leaves inside the tea. The urinary tract and also the kidneys will experience the most of the benefits of this tea.

Use: The right dosage is 2 to 3 cups of parsley tea drank every day; but do not drink more than 4 cups a day.

Medical experts advise the consumption of parsley since it is an effective remedy for your kidneys. Parsley is a great diuretic and very beneficial in the fight against urinary tract issues and kidney diseases.

The best proof is always the one that the people who used it report. Namely, a reader of ours has managed to lose 5 pounds only after two days of drinking parsley tea. Here it is what she stated:

“On Thursday I weighed 159 pounds, and two days after I weighed 5 pounds less. It was about the water that was excreted from her body, not the fat”.

Our reader is a lady who is very satisfied with the consumption of this tea and feels in great shape.

Not only that you will lose weight, but this tea will help you to remove the harmful toxins from the body and all the accumulated fluids from the body. This tea will kill the harmful bacteria and other substances that can damage the body.

Bearberry Tea

This tea is also very beneficial for your kidneys, but it is not as powerful as the parsley tea since it cannot remove the buildup fluids from your body.

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