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Experiencing skin issues have become very common for many people all around the world. Many people are striving with skin problems and because of that they turn to the use of various cosmetic products which are not always effective. Not to mention the fact that they are very expensive, but most people buy them as we all want to have flawless skin free of any imperfections.

Most of the commercial products do not offer the wanted results, but no need for worries as in this text we shall present you a homemade mask based on honey and baking soda which will offer the results that you have always wanted to have. Moreover, this product is safe for use as it is all-natural which we cannot state for sure for all the commercial products available on the market.

The recipe that we are about to present is nourishing and exfoliating and has been used since forever.

Note that this mask should be used only 2 to 3 times per week. It is based on only two ingredients: baking soda and honey.

Recipe of a Homemade Mask

Needed Ingredients:

  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
  • 1 tablespoon of pure honey


Mix both ingredients in a bowl.

Before application of the mask wash and dry your face and hands. Then, use it on your face and leave the mask on for 10 – 15 minutes. After that, wash it off with fresh water, meanwhile rubbing your skin lightly and performing circular motions with your fingers to completely exfoliate the skin. Next, pat it dry and use a few drops of your favorite oil on your face.

Have in mind that this mask can be done only once a week and its use will provide you with amazingly clean and soft skin.


Baking soda

Baking soda reveals antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that can help in the fight against acne and blackheads. This natural product lowers the presence of excess oil and offers soft and clean skin. The use of baking soda can lighten the complexion, cleanse and speed up the disappearance of the buttons as it can restore the pH of the skin. This product can be used as a mask or an exfoliate agent, and offer radiant complexion.


This natural bee-product is incredibly rich in nutrients like copper, zinc, phosphorus or vitamins A, B and C. Plus, it is very beneficial for the skin as it moisturizes and nourishes the skin. It reveals an incredible healing and regenerating power. In addition to all this, it purifies the skin and as well as softens it.


Aside the external care of the skin, you need also to properly take care of your body from inside in order to have a clear and smooth skin. This is something that you need to do every day and as well as follow a healthy and balanced diet.

Here it is what your skin needs every day in order to look radiant and beautiful:

  • You should try to limit the intake of some food groups like sugar, dairy products, cereals and legumes from your diet. These foods can negatively influence your health and physical appearance of your body.
  • Consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables which are high in zinc like lentils, cashews, and squash seeds; then vitamins A and E, omega-3, and foods with antioxidant properties like grapes, berries, and pomegranate. Make sure to consume only organic foods.
  • Limit or completely exclude processed foods.
  • Perform a regular detox as your body needs to be cleansed from the inside from all the present toxins and waste.
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure as the harmful ultraviolet rays can damage your skin and age it prematurely. Therefore, make sure not to stay too long on the sun.
  • Sleep well as the skin regenerates at night when you are sleeping.
  • All sportsmen seem to have flawless and radiant skin, and that is a result of a regular physical activity. Regular exercising enhances the blood circulation and in that way supplying the cells with oxygen and nutrients. This helps in the removal of toxins by boosting the lymph circulation through the body.

Foods to Avoid:

According to many conducted studies there is a relation between the occurrence of acne and the intake of dairy products.
Foods with high glycemic index like pasta, white rice and bread.
Saturated fats present in animal fats and as well as in vegetable fats like palm oil.
Trans fat, which is found in cakes, pasta, pastries, fried and breaded foods. This fat is derived from industrial products made from hydrogenated oil, which is the worst for your body.

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