Monday, June 10, 2019

How to Plump Lips Permanently

Everyone knows that huge lips are now in trend, Kylie Jenner started this trend everyone jealous from her super plump lips. Today I will guide you how to get plump lips with a needle or surgery. Below are some useful and easy tips to get plumper lips naturally.

Toothbrush scrub
Does everyone have a toothbrush in home right? Well, you need a clean toothbrush and your favorite lip balm or you can make a homemade lip scrub.

Direction to use:

Take a clean toothbrush put lot of your favorite lip balm, vaseline or any kind of petroleum jelly. Instead of brushing your teeth brush your lips in a circular motion. Make sure to use a hard bristle toothbrush so that it can exfoliate your lips properly. Rub your lips for around two minutes, don’t overdo it. Wipe everything off from your lips with the help of a tissue paper.

Cayenne pepper or Cinnamon Powder Scrub
If you want to plump your lips and want it lasts for two or three hours then try cayenne pepper or cinnamon powder. These both ingredients swelled up your lips so that your lips look fuller or plumper depend on how hard you rub this into your lips. Before using these ingredients make sure you take a patch test.

Direction to use:

Take a small bowl, you can add extra virgin olive oil or again petroleum jelly whatever you like. Just add a little bit of olive oil and a teaspoon of cinnamon powder or cayenne powder whatever you are comfortable with. Mix both ingredients together. Now scrub your lips with this mixture don’t use your fingers use again your toothbrush for scrubbing. It promotes blood circulation, you can feel a tingling sensation and it swelled up your lips. Now scrub your lips for good two minutes in circular motions. After two or three minutes stop and clean your lips with a paper towel. Just by using this for the first time you can notice that your lips become plumper and the best part is you get it with all natural ingredients. Is it amazing? Yes, it is I am a DIY person so I love using natural ingredients rather than buying any chemical products.

This is a simple trick to get plump lips, the thing is you have to select a lipliner that matches to your natural lip color.

This technique is overdraw, if you are not familiar with this I will tell you how to do that. In this technique, you have to line with a lipliner outside your lips just a little bit so that it doesn’t look awkward. Make sure your lip liner is enough sharp, first thing you have to do is smile, you want the surface of your lips to be flat that you get from doing smile. It’s easier to draw on the flat surface, then start outlining just little outside of your natural lip line. Fill your lips with the same lipliner that’s it. Just keep practicing and experimenting with different shapes because you don’t know what looks good on you so try. On the center of your lips add nude lip gloss or lip balm.

This is not only going to plump your lips but it will remove fine lines or wrinkles from your lips. As you age you lose a lot of fat or volume around your lip area, now you are thinking you to stop this? It’s not possible to stop this but you can help your lips to produce more collagen. I love this trick it helps you a lot trust me.

Direction to use:

You can get it from eBay, Amazon or any online beauty store, it’s a device with microneedles. Now you have to micro needling your lips, it creates a little microhole or tears on the surface of your lips. First, take this device and roll it vertically on your lips, then horizontally, then diagonally on both sides. Always apply even pressure don’t put to much pressure it will hurt you. It feels like you are kissing your boyfriend and he has a beard exact feeling you get on your lips when you press it with dermaroller. After you roll or microneedle your lips apply a nice amount of lip balm, lip serums or creams and any lip enhancer product. You can even use a lip collagen mask, your lover will thank you because your lips going to look awesome and plump.

Concealer stick or Fleshtone Lipliner
You can use any concealer stick whatever in your makeup bag.

Direction to use:

I’m going to use both because when you use both it will give a good result. Now lets start take lipliner and focus on the right center of your lips. Fill center part of your lips with this color, just little more on your lower lips because it will pop out your lower lip. Now blend everything out nicely, don’t over blend. Last but not least add a nude lip gloss on your lips, its best trick but keep trying you will get a good result.

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