Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Celery belongs to the apiaceae family, or otherwise recognized as umbelliferae. This veggie is mostly neglected, but it is very beneficial as it is packed with valuable nutrients like vitamins C, A, B, and K. Its leaves and seeds are being consumed, but no matter of the way of consumption this veggie provides the body with a wide range of health benefits. It reveals powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

The food can be your cure, but as well as your ailment, therefore it is of vital importance to recognize the foods that are beneficial for your health. One of those foods is for sure celery since it is rich in vitamins and minerals which will offer to your body a wide range of health advantages. If you consume celery every day, you will manage to improve your health and overall well-being.


Regulates blood pressure
This veggie is a beneficial food if you have high blood pressure as it can easily replace the table salt thanks to its sodium content. In addition to this, it reveals positive effects on the body due to the content of phthalides and phytochemical components, which relax the tissues of the arterial walls, and in that way providing good blood circulation.

Reduces cholesterol levels
If you consume celery regularly you will manage the cholesterol levels by elevating the secretion of bile acids. These acids help in the removal of the cholesterol produced by the body.

Prevents chronic inflammation
This plant reveals anti-inflammatory properties, particularly when drank as juice. This consumption will starve the bacteria and at the same time cleanse the body from waste and buildup toxins.

Aids digestion and prevents constipation
Due to the diuretic properties of its seeds the intake of celery will help you in the treatment of gastric disorders. It is beneficial as a result of the rich content of potassium; in a serving of 100g of celery there are 260mg of potassium which balances the high sodium content.

Regulates acidity in the body
Celery is of great help in the regulation of acidity in the body and in that way soothes the stomach. In particular, the stem and the seeds of the celery will be helpful for keeping a healthy pH level.

Lowers the risk of ulcers and gastritis
Celery has the ability to protect the gastric walls of the digestive system. This ability was demonstrated in a study where the intake of celery protected the stomach in a drug-induced ulcer.

Protects from urinary tract infections
As per a released study in the Journal of Urology, celery is one of the most powerful natural diuretic. It can remove the harmful bacteria growing in the body.

Hydrates the body
Since it is 95% water, celery can successfully hydrate the body and keep its hydration. Plus, it is packed with fiber and in that way provides the feeling of fullness which will prevent any snacking between the meals.

Promotes weight loss
As mentioned before it is rich in fiber which offers the feeling of satiety that helps in the weight loss process. It is really low in calories, namely in a serving of 100 g there are only 20 calories. In addition to this, it promotes sweating and helps in the removal of excess pounds caused by water retention.

A natural aphrodisiac
Celery demonstrates great aphrodisiac power as it is high in hormones and supports the production of androsterone in humans.

Improves sleep
This plant portrays an incredible calming effect on the nervous system as it contains catecholamine, which lowers the release of stress hormones. As per a released study in the Journal of Herbal Medicine, celery seed tea offers antispasmodic effect that helps with body relaxation and promotes better sleep.

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