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Our feet are also very important for our body. These body parts carry our whole weight and with them we perform the essential body activity- walking. Therefore, we should start to do something about them so that they can serve us up to the end.

Did you know that in each foot there are approximately 7200 nerve endings?

So, imagine what our body can gain by doing a simple foot massage before going to bed.

It is believed that the foot is in fact a miniature version of the human body. An adult foot is comprised of 107 ligaments, 33 muscles, 26 bones, and 16 joints.

The foot massage can bring great benefits for our skin and as well as for the body’s metabolism. When referring to a massage the first thing that comes to your mind is the performance of someone else for you, but believe us when your feet are concerned you can do this massage by yourself and thus gain all the benefits it offers. In addition to this it will offer you great relaxation time after a hard working day and relief of many pains.

For this massage you do not need any special appointment, the only appointment that you need to make is with yourself and just before going to sleep.

The Foot Massage

The massage in general has been performed since ancient times and it is considered to be a therapy that can alleviate many pains in the body. It relaxes your body, lowers stress, boosts the blood circulation, and betters the sleeping patterns, which is essential for the overall health.

In the case of your feet, the massage can do wonders for them having in mind the fact that they are locked in the shoes whole day. Moreover, if you are a lady and wear heels during your work time, then the foot massage can be liberating not only for your feet but as well as for your whole body. Nothing feels good as a good massage.

The massage brings so many benefits for the body and because of that people during the years of its use invented various forms like the use of hot stones, shiatsu, or reflexology. In this article we shall focus on foot reflexology.

Foot reflexology

This type of a massage comes from Asia which analyzes how different parts of the body interact. The plantar reflexology involves exerting pressure points on the reflex zones of the foot.Each reflex zone is related to an element of our body, and because of that it is of vital importance to keep our feet in good health.

Here it is what the well-known reflexologist David Tran states in an interview of the magazine Psychologies.

“You can think of the reflexology a bit like a remote control: the foot would be the remote control and the reflex points, the keys. To treat a part of the body, you press a key, a specific point on the feet, to reach it. “

Researchers have been focusing on the effects of reflexology in the treatment of the symptoms of certain diseases. According to their conducted studies they have come to the conclusion that when reflexology is used as a complementary treatment it can lower the symptoms of certain diseases. Namely, in clinical trials in Switzerland was revealed that repeated reflexology sessions can contribute to reduced doses of drugs prescribed to patients.

This is the way how to perform a foot massage:

For the performance of this massage you should use your thumb and with it exert pressure on different areas of the foot and then hold it for a few seconds. Next, move to a different area by performing circular movements and repeat the same procedure.

In order to obtain optimal results, perform this massage for 15 to 20 minutes each night before going to bed.

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