Saturday, June 1, 2019

6 Signs That Your Liver is Full of Toxins and Making You Fat

The liver is literally the truest friend one could ever have. It is constantly working hard in order to fulfill its responsibilities in the best way possible.

It is responsible for breaking down old cells and fats, detoxifying the body and breaking energy. It has a very vital role to play in your overall metabolic processes. When maintained in excellent shape, the liver becomes a major energy-producing powerhouse and fight against the bad guy i.e fat.

However, toxins can gradually increase over time, not enabling the liver to reap the aforementioned benefits. The first sign of knowing that your liver is full of toxins is the unnecessary weight gain.

Here’s a little guide to see when your liver needs to be rescued :

1.Abdominal Pain
If your liver is experiencing any inflammation that means the presence of toxins is pretty apparent. This will lead to abdominal pain. As the liver is a quite large organ, you will feel it pressing against other organs.

If your eyes are not able to keep themselves open and your body is completely drained out of energy that means there’s a toxic build up in the liver which is constantly disassembling wast, affecting the ability to stay awake and perform simple tasks.

When your body has a tough time disposing of bilirubin which is a blood cell breakdown byproduct, your skin and eyes start becoming yellowish which is nothing but Jaundice. This is due to the inability of the liver to function properly.

4.Trouble in digesting fat
The liver is responsible for breaking down the fat but when it’s not functioning effectively, you will notice an inability to digest fats. If having normal amounts of oils, cheese, and fat makes you feel nauseous that means it’s time to have yourself checked by the doctor.

5.Excessive sweating
Your liver is heavily involved in metabolic processes of the body and even a little hindrance can cause to affect the functioning.

Sweating and redness are the pivotal signs of a damaged liver. If you are experiencing these issues then seeking medical help is highly recommended.

6.Headaches and Migraines
You might experience headaches if your body is unable to clear out toxins and chemicals. Since the liver is already loaded, the proper functioning gets disrupted. As a result, either the removal of toxins is very slow or it stops. This makes simple actions such as thinking very hard.


  1. Safe and gradual weight loss through exercise and a healthy diet. Losing a total of 5-10% body is mandatory in case of a fatty liver. To reduce inflammation, losing more than 10% is optimal.
  2. Changing eating habits by reducing the intake of Carbohydrates, sugars, and fats. Addition of more fruits and vegetables to diet would provide the necessary nutrients in order to stay healthy.
  3. Controlling risk factors such as diabetes, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure is very essential in order to remain in a healthy state.
  4. Avoiding the intake of alcohol.
  5. Avoiding any sort of food supplements and medications other than what your doctor has prescribed.
  6. Going for an annual full body check-up.

Taking care of your liver is extremely important since it is responsible for various metabolic processes. Having it sick can really cost you a heavy price. Don’t try to indulge yourself in anything that is unhealthy for your body. Self-love also includes taking of your body. So, be a little more careful and consult the doctor as soon as you notice something fishy. Follow the treatment prescribed by the doctor and stay healthy!

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