Saturday, May 4, 2019

Here Is What Your Lip Color Says About Your Health

The color of your lips can say a lot of things about your health, therefore when you know what is happening within your body you will know what to do in order to make the situation better.

You probably already know that dry and chapped lips show that you are dehydrated or that you suffer from allergies. But do you know what the color of your lips says about your health? Take a look below and read the common health concerns according to the lip color.

The Color Of Lips Can Reveal A Lot About Health

1. Pale Lips

If your lips look really pale, ashy grey, or white, it means that your body lacks iron and you are anemic. Therefore, you need to eat more foods rich in iron such as broccoli, red meats, and dates.

If your lips are pale and you also have cold hands and feet, it means that your stomach is too cold. This is linked with the digestive system, and you should warm up the stomach with yang foods such as mussel, mango, ham, cherries, squash, nectarine, pumpkin, pineapple, lam, etc.

2. Red Lips

If your lips are super red, it usually means that your spleen and liver are working overtime and your body is overheated. This is also linked with cravings for snacking and bad breath. Therefore, you should eat more veggies such as celery and bitter melon, and consume some chrysanthemum tea with honey. You should also avoid stress and go to sleep early.

3. Purple-Green Lips

If it’s winter and your lips are purple-green you shouldn’t be worried. However, if your lips constantly have that color you might have a problem with your respiratory system and the heart. You should visit a doctor and ask for a professional advice.

4. Dark Red-Black Lips

If your lips have a dark red color leaning towards black it means that you have some issue with the digestive system. You should stay away from processed foods and include more foods such as sweet potato, tofu, and congee.

You can also drink lemon water to cleanse your body from toxins and improve the metabolism.

5. Purple-Black Lip Outline

If your lips look like you have a naturally dark lip liner and they are purple-black it means that your yin and yang are not balanced in your body. You can be both cold and fiery at the same time, which is strange but not uncommon.

You should have a healthy diet and take a good rest. Also, when you are on your period you should avoid foods such as duck, crab, eggs, mushrooms, lettuce, banana, green tea, orange, and spicy foods.

6. Rosy Pink Lips

If the color of your lips is naturally rosy pink it means that you are very healthy.

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