Thursday, April 25, 2019

Natural Sinus Infection Home Remedy Options

The sinus cavities are the areas surrounding the nose where the air flows through. Whenever there is a sinus infection present, these cavities will become inflamed and swollen.

On a normal day, your sinuses are filled up with air. However, when they get blocked from an infection, they can fill up with bacteria and fluid that can grow and lead to an infection. Luckily, there are a number of options that you can try when you are looking for a good sinus infection home remedy.


sinus remediesProper hydration is important at all times, however, getting enough water becomes paramount whenever you are not feeling your best. Water is key to helping to flush the bacteria from your system, so always make sure that you are getting enough water. Aim for eight ounces of water for every two hours and you will have the ability to fight the infection quicker.


If you have ever had a lot of horseradish on accident, you already understand that this ingredient has the ability to quickly clear out your nasal passages. When you are dealing with a sinus infection, think about mixing up some horseradish with a bit of lemon for a powerful concoction to help clear your sinuses naturally.

Garlic And Onion

Not only does garlic and onion have the same nasal clearing ability as horseradish, but both work nicely to help boost the function of your immune system.

Chicken Broth

While some may think of chicken soup as an old wive’s tale, a good bone broth helps with soothing your nasal cavities as well as your respiratory system. Look for a good chicken broth with vegetables and you will also have the added benefit of important minerals that your body needs while in the healing process.

Vitamin C

As with any sort of cold or sickness, vitamin C rich foods are wonderful for speeding up your recovery time from sinus infections. This powerful vitamin is excellent for boosting your immune system and getting you back on track faster.


Another powerhouse for the body, ginger is also excellent for clearing the nasal passages and fighting bacteria. Take some fresh ginger and steep it into your favorite tea. Add a bit of raw honey for sweetener and you will have a soothing beverage to help with your inflamed sinus cavities.

Neti Pot

In addition to all of the natural foods you can try, a neti pot is excellent for clearing the bacterial infection out of your nasal passages. By way of nasal irrigation, the saline solution moves from the neti pot and through one nostril to the sinuses and then out of the other nostril. Regular use may also help to keep another sinus infection from developing in the future.

Nobody wants to deal with a sinus infection. Additionally, if you are not a fan of turning to conventional medicine for your cold remedies, you can look to quality sinus infection home remedy options to give you the relief that you are looking for.

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