Saturday, April 13, 2019

Cleaning Up Your Lungs In a Matter of Just 3 Days by Using Some The Very Simple Yet Effective Measures

What we are going to tell now is certainly going to have a life transforming impact smokers; who should definitely try out these methods. Of course, it would also be very beneficial to the non smokers and those who are prone to common lung infections too.

In any case, it is always a good idea to de-toxify your body occasionally; and all we are going to ask you to do is have the determination to heal your own body simply by some common sense lifestyle changes, refraining from harmful products and a bit of self discipline.

First, let us understand a few simple facts:

Milk and dairy products increase the amount of mucus in our lungs and it becomes prone to getting infections easily especially in case of smokers and those with a sensitive respiratory system. Therefore, avoid having any milk products and dairy products for at least 3 days while this treatment is on. Of course you may continue these things thereafter but only in a limited quantity.

Herbal tea is a very good antioxidants and having it at the sleep time is beneficial as it works at removing the toxins while you sleep.

Detoxify your body be done by consuming more liquids and juices like:

Lemon juice – You can have it either with water or with herbal tea. Simply squeeze out too large lemons in a glass of water and add honey to it.  If the water is lukewarm it would be all the more beneficial.  Have this at least twice a day; it will help removing all the toxins from your system as it consists of natural antioxidants which are beneficial for clearing up the lungs.

Carrot juice – carrot juice is highly alkaline and is very good for skin as well as blood; it helps purify the blood and detoxify the body and hence has a very beneficial effect on the lungs and the esophagus canal.

Beet juice – beet juice is rich in iron and minerals which help in detoxifying the body totally; and have a cleansing effect on the inner lining of the lungs. You can have it along with carrot juice mixed in equal proportions to derive even more benefit.  Adding a Pinch of salt and sprinkling a bit of black pepper adds to the taste.

Cranberry juice– having about 400 ml of Cranberry juice regularly before sleeping is a good habit as it cleans up the entire digestive system as well as has beneficial effect on the respiratory organs.

High Phosphorus veggie mix – Phosphorus is good for the lungs and is an excellent antioxidant agent. You can make a high Phosphorus mix using about 350 grams of peppers with equal amount of parsnips and cucumber juice.

Importance of regular exercise

Needless to say, exercise is important for our body since besides other effects on muscles and overall health, it leads to deep breathing which in turn helps in expelling all the toxins from the lungs in the form which improves the detox process.

Therefore, you must exercise for at least 40 minutes to one hour every day.  In case you find it difficult you can split it in two parts by doing 30 minutes morning and evening.

Following these hints will certainly have a positive impact; hence why not try them for 3 days and see what difference it makes to your life by cleaning your lungs in such a short time?

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