Friday, April 19, 2019

Brown spots or age spots can be removed with this trick

They are mostly seen on hands, face,neck, hands, shoulders, limbs and can increase with the years.The bigger spots are sign of aging.We have a simple cure and natural one for removal of the spots. To prevent the appearing again, know what causes them first.

The age spots are due to excess sun exposure and UV rays, regardless tanning with or without sunscreen or tanning beds.

The more you tan the more melanin you make, and this makes the chocolate tan. but this tan will fade and spots will REMAIN.

If you still wonder if they are dangerous for the health, this means yes. They might not be cancer but

you have to check the skin often.

– If they get tender or red talk with a doctor
– If they have strange borders around them
– If the color changes and they get darker.
– If they grow or change in other ways

If this worries you, see a doctor fast and to be sure, take the ABCDEs of Melanoma test.

This trick removes the spots easily.

Make a juice of 2 items in just a few minutes and apply it on the skin. See the video for more info.

Fresh juice of onion is for skin scars and onions have antioxidants for keeping the skin safe from free


Also ACV is amazing too and has alpha hydroxyl acid that is like skin exfoliant for removal of dead cells.

How to make it?

Dice an onion and put it in Ziploc bag. Pulverize them and blend and add the ACV last for a mix.


Soak some cotton in this mix daily and apply on the skin. Do this for 2-4 weeks fully. First results are

seen in a week, but keep using this method.

Also appearance of these spots cannot be prevented, but reduce sun or tan bed exposure and use


Avoid the tanning beds as much as you can, since they are really bad for the skin.

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